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Meet Donita

A Native of Ohio raised in Columbus. Don(ita) is the oldest of 2 children, a mother and a grandmother. 


She is a graduate of Mifflin High School and The Ohio State school of Cosmetology in Westerville is where her cosmetology courses were completed.


As a licensed Cosmetologist since 2000, her area of  specialization is in healthy hair and color. As an educator and motivator, She has serviced clients from all over the world.


From photo shoots to short television series her purpose has always been and is to assist with planting and restoring self confidence with unity through image transformations and positive encouragement

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$8.99 for Kindle

$14.99 for Softcover Book

Don's purpose in writing this book is to bring awareness to common cultural misconceptions surrounding different hair types and textures. She invites you to join her on this journey. She's been a stylist for 20 years.


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