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Hair Braiding

Braiding Classes 

Personal Braiding 101 Virtual Training

These 1-hour virtual classes are offered as an at home braiding basics tutorial course. Registrants need their own model head for practice. $100/class. Class schedule coming soon.

Professional Apprenticeship -
Braiding Techniques for Boutique Registration 

Looking to level up your braiding services? Well, now is the time to take advantage of an exciting opportunity to receive your boutique registration through the Ohio State Cosmetology and Barber Board! You can join my apprenticeship classes where I will provide you with the training, sanitization skills, equipment for practicum, and a signed affidavit for boutique registration upon completion of the course. 

Gone are the days of being viewed as an in-home hair stylist, now you have a chance to prove your professionalism and commitment to the craft of hair braiding.   With the new Boutique Registration offering from the Board of Cosmetology,  your services will have the board's seal of approval. 


Clients will be confident that you're operating under a standard of excellence and sanitation.

So, if you're ready to take your home braiding services to the next level, now is the perfect time to invest in your future by getting registered with the Ohio State Cosmetology and Barber Board after completing my apprenticeship class. It's time to prove that your skills are top-notch and that you're a true professional in your field!

Classes will be 4.5 hours in length on Sundays throughout September and October. Each class is a full 4-hour training, Upon completion of the class you will receive the signed affidavit that you can send for your license with the board.

Class Schedule: Nov 25th. Dec 9th and 16th. Jan 13 and 27. *Introductory Price $895

The Small Print

Once the person completes the class, they will receive a Certificate that will need to be notarized. All registrants MUST have a physical business address to be listed on the Certificate in order to qualify. Registrants will take the notarized and completed certificate to the Ohio State Board of Cosmetology for Approval and the Board will issue you a registration. If you are ages 15-18, you must be able to show proof that you completed the 10th grade to qualify. The classes will be held 2 Sundays out of every month. If you have more questions please contact me below.

Payment Options


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